Domain Expertise
We are expert in our domain – domain of providing reliable and cost-effective human resource solutions to our clients. And we are proud to acclaim that our domain expertise is a result of the highly skilled consultants’ industry knowledge. Since the inception of our organisation, we have always focussed on the significance of employing the best talents in our organisation. And today, leveraging on their network, their knowledge, their approach in targeting candidates and identifying their skills, we have been able to establish our firm as the one-stop service provider in the country. We have hired professionals, who have intense knowledge about all the industries.
Our methodology allows us to appoint separate team for different areas has also been proved to be an effective process. We boast of specialist consultants for different professions that enable us to execute our operations in the best possible manner. These specialists understand their area i.e. Information Technology, Banking, Retail very well. They are aware of the latest advancement in their areas and know, which institute or college can be the right place to hire professional to meet clients’ requirements. They also have enough understanding of their respective sections and it allows them to hire the best suitable talents. We have tied up with many Colleges and educational institutes in different states in the country for fresher recruitment.
All the above advantages enable us serve following industries:
» Information Technology
» Retailing
» Banking, Financial services & Insurance (BFSI)
» Telecommunication
» Manufacturing & Engineering
» Media
» Education
» Pharmaceuticals
» Automobile
» Hospitality
» Sales & Marketing
Our Professional and experienced Team of Recruitment Consultant source and fulfil the client requirement from the following various sources:
» Industry Mapping
» Head Hunting
» Various Job Portals
» LinkedIn Networks
» Our own Database
» Candidates who apply to our website
» Educational Institutions
» References
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