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There is no exaggeration in saying that Talentum Labs has been proved to be a GATEWAY to RIGHT ‘COMPANIES’ and ‘CANDIDATES.’Extensive back-office research to creating authentic databases of resume, competent team of consultants, their scientific approach in judging capabilities and talents of candidates, understanding companies’ requirements for different job profiles and well proven methodologies to search candidates for those profiles have been the major features of the organisation.
Talentum Labs is a professionally managed recruitment firm that specialise in Executive search and providing manpower solutions IT and NON IT recruitment, Industry mapping, Head Hunting and Campus Selection across number of Verticals.
Our young and professional team of consultants are very dynamic, hardworking, loyal, skilled, aggressive, honest and versatile. The team at Talentum Labs comprises of most experienced, educated and qualified professionals. We are well versed with latest industry trends and recruitment strategies. Our team of recruitment consultants focuses on professionalism, yet friendly approach. It is due to their experience, we expertise in recruitment across grades with deep knowledge and experience in IT, NON IT, Telecommunication domain.
We have adopted practices and methodologies, which have been proved to be the most effective process in hiring personnel. Deep research and abundant market knowledge combined with the swift and accurate working patterns allow us to offer highly qualitative solutions to industries. At Talentum Labs, COMPLETE CUSTOMER CONTENTMENT comes first and then comes profit. We understand that if our clients are happy with our services, we will surely earn profits in the long run.
We believe in the fact that recruitment is not only about sourcing but also about understanding the market trends, competition and technology available, so that we have the right person at the right place and at the right time.
Our Vision: To be a global organisation providing efficient and customised solutions to the needs of our clients.
Our Mission: Our mission is to build and maintain long lasting relationships with the clients and candidates and to execute each and every assignment with integrity.
Our Philosophy: To provide quality services to the client and to provide exciting career opportunities to the candidates that matches their career profile.
Core Values: To work with professionalism, to follow integrity and to treat Client and Candidate with Respect.
Our Culture – We believe in working as a team. But while working as a team we respect each individual and give them enough liberty and space to work.
Why Talentum Labs?
Customer Satisfaction is the only key to success and no business can run without merely focussing on ‘profits.’ At Talentum Labs, this fact is well understood by every employee and that is why we always engage ourselves in finding out methodologies and streamlining our operations in such a manner that allow us to understand – WHAT SUITS THE BEST FOR OUR CUSTOMERS BOTH – EMPLOYEE AND EMPLOYER. Moreover, earning a status of “the best recruitment firm that boasts of the best human resource management practices” is of more importance for us.Some of the advantages of being associated with us are mentioned below:
Our high-value approach enables you to choose the right candidates cost effectively and perfectly customized to your immediate needs.
» We work with professionalism and follow integrity and treat Client and candidate with Respect.
» Strong focus on Employer Brand Marketing
We work in close proximity with our clients and can undertake any job to meet their requirements for any level of executives
» We have access to rich databases of resume
» Our organisation has appointed some of the best talents, who have experience of a number of industry verticals
» We adhere to national as well as international norm followed in the industry
» WE have high successful ratio. We never receive complains from our candidates and companies, we recruit staff in.
The team at Talentum Labs comprises of highly experienced, educated and qualified professionals. The minimum experience of our team is 4 years. We have industry experts in our team with an industry experience of 10- 12 years.
Our young and professional team of consultants are very dynamic, hardworking, loyal, skilled, aggressive, honest and versatile.
We have tied up with many Colleges and educational institutes in different states in the country for fresher Recruitment.
Due to all the above advantages, Talentum Labs has been able to distinguish itself from other recruitment firms. In most of the recruitment firm, a candidate becomes “just one more employee searching for job” but at our organisation, we respect every candidate with utmost veracity on the other hand filling positions at employer end is more than just “business” for us as we aim at creating a better professional environment all around.
Client Brand Marketing
The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.” However, we at Talentum Labs go a step further and employ strategies that create a positive image about the companies and organisations we serve in the mind of our candidates. In order to create a good professional environment within an organisation, it is of high importance for a employer that a candidate always carry a positive image of the company in his/her mind.
At Talentum Labs, we have appointed some of the best industry experts, who strategise every element that is needed to promote our employers in the best possible manner. The branding and promotion activities starts right from the research and continues till we actually collects data showing the increased reputation of our employers.
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